Sunday, October 24, 2010

RAW: day 1 continued...

-a mix of 3 raw salads from the whole foods cold bar: raw corn salad, raw marinated veg. salad, raw kelp noodles salad

-4 Tablespoons hemp seeds
-1 C Higher Power Raw granola

-1 yellow bell pepper
-1 cup carrots
-1 banana
-1 Raw Revolution Chocolate Cashew bar

I know the granola and Raw Revolution bar are sortof considered "raw junk food," but it's a hell of a lot better than regular junk food! I feel good. I am still drinking tea, but that also helps me get my h20 in. I'm listening to a podcast from Stave Pavlina's blog, where a raw good expert is saying we should eat fat all alone at the end of the day. Eat fruit all alone... I guess foods ferment in your tummy when you eat them in the wrong order/wrong combination of food.

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