Sunday, May 23, 2010


Raw fiesta!

These were inspired by the raw tacos I love from House of the Sun, though theirs were fancier. But these were just as delicious, and cheaper too!


2 Mini Red Cabbage leaves(for the taco shells)

Taco Meat:
1 grated/peeled carrot
1/2 C Sunflower seeds
1/3 C sliced red bell pepper
1 t Cumin
1 t garlic
squirt olive oil
squirt nama shoyu or soy sauce
salt & pepper
red pepper flakes

Basic Pico:
White onions
Lime Juice
Salt & Pepper

Or just buy some :)

Combine all of the nut meat ingredients in a blender/mixer type of gadget. I also threw in some pico just for a tomatoey tastes, next time I will add flax and lime juice. I made a layer of sliced carrot on the bottom of my cabbage leaf, divided the nut meat between the two leaves, and then topped both with a generous helping of pico de gallo! This would also be fantastic with avocado, but it's really effing expensive in seattle...enjoy!

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