Sunday, July 18, 2010

Five Reasons to be Vegan from my #1 bitch!


#ONE: That may be true, about the chickens, but I don't feel great about eating highly processed soy omelettes either. I would almost rather have egg whites, they've been one of the hardest things for me to give up. But after seeing what they do to the animals, I agree.

#TWO: Milk 100% grosses me out. There are so many non-destructive, more healthy alternatives!! People become lactose intolerant for a reason. Milk makes me break out, too. Get your calcium from greens, yo!

#THREE: Go vegan, be happy! It's your life and your body, and you only get one!

#FOUR: "You'll do more good switching to a vegan diet than you will switching to an energy efficient car" This makes me feel like a fantastic person.

#FIVE: She's right, it really isn't that tough. The hardest part is explaining to family and friends, in which case you just have to tell them that you need to do what's best for you and let them accept it.



  1. I read Skinny Bitch and I really liked it. But, like you said, too much processed soy isn't good for anyone vegan or not. The other points are good. It is true about the chickens and that is why I gave up my cage free eggs and became completely vegan again. have you gone to ? That's a big eye-opener too. The bit about helping the environment makes me feel great too ;)

  2. oops! I meant

  3. Yeah! I have read her books and respect what she's saying, but most definitely don't have the same type of diet. The ingredients in soy are straight up scary. I will check out that website asap.