Sunday, September 5, 2010

warrior of the sun!

For months I pondered, tossed and turned, wondering 'why are the fitnessista's protein pancakes so much better looking, and probably better tasting than mine? Why are my smoothies gritty, unattractive, and seem to be missing something? Isn't there a better way to get my protein than eating high-fat nuts and seeds all the time?

And then, from heaven, the answer appeared:

One scoop has just 70 calories, one gram of fat and 16 grams of protein! There isn't a psychotically long list of scary ingredients, the bulk of it is ancient sprouted brown rice. It's sweetened with stevia and totally raw and vegan! And the best part? It tastes delicious. In smoothies it makes everything taste like a milkshake. Today's smoothie was mango, banana baby red chard, a few chunks of papaya, and the sun warrior made it a dreamsicle! It improves the texture so much and tastes like a creamsicle :)

I am never leaving home without it!


  1. I have been waiting to purchase Sun Warrior due to the high price but it seems like it would be a good investment :)

  2. Gina from The Fitnessista frequently has it on a super low sale price in her Opensky shop, that's where I got mine!