Monday, December 13, 2010

Whole Foods Salad Bar - Raw foods

I wanted to write this post because today I discovered some good news...Raw Dehydrated flax chips at my local whole foods' salad bar! Now, as we all know Whole Foods is not a cheap lunch, so I am by no means a regular, but my boss was treating me today so I thought I'd make a post of it!

  • Raw Flax Crackers: Delicious! I can't seam to make something this good! I taste ground flax, whole flax, sesame and a delicious blend of spices that makes these crackers anything but bland.

  • Raw Marinated Veggies: Mushrooms, tomatoes, cilanto(or parsley?) peppers, red onion, sun dried tomato what more could you ask for? This is delicious and goes great on top of the crackers.

  • Raw Broccoli Crunch: Now, I have had the real broccoli crunch. The one containing bacon, cashews, and parmesan. This raw vegan version really stands up! The broccoli is lightly sweetened(I suspect with agave) and this great mix also includes raw cashews and currants!

  • Raw Fettucini: This is kelp noodles with some sort of mild, semi-creamy sauce. It's really not great, anyone could make a better one at home.

  • Raw Watercress Salad: Plain, nice tasting, and a good way to get greens in!

There is also a nice variety of cooked grains that I highly recommend sprinkling over whatever you choose to get!

I know the selection varies by region, Gina is always talking a delicious 'miso slaw' that I've never seen or heard of...what's your favorite salad bar find?

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