Monday, August 9, 2010

whole paycheck...

why do you do this to me?!!?

shredded coconut 2.99
2 almond milks 4.00
almonds 2.80
1 lb. walnuts 3.99
sesame seeds 1.75
1 rawvolution cashew brownie bar 1.00
organic virgin coconut oil 6.99
almond oil (for my skin) 9.99
Organic Rainbow Chard 2.49

Seeing that i almost bought 5 Rawvolution bars since they were on sale, but I totally restrained myself! That cashew brownie bar was absolutely delicious though! Seriously, if all of their flavors are that good I am going to have an addiction on my hands.

I also noticed a few things while I was there...

Hemp Dream, has got a new look! I laughed to myself as I thought, maybe they're trying to appeal to the 1960's hemp loving crowd? Honestly...tie die? I'm sortof a hippie myself, but I'm stickin' with almond milk. I have heard of the insane health benefits of hemp seeds and have used the raw seeds in smoothies and raw oats, what do you guys think of the milk? does it give you a raw high? :D

It's awesome that Whole Foods has started carrying a local business' vegan pastries...introducing Mighty O' Doughnuts! I was full from my beastly salad lunch, but had I been hungry it would have taken much strength to resist the WF raw salad bar.
Another thing that made my day was the fact that they were selling blackberries for $7. Honestly, who the FCK do you think you are selling a pint of berries that grows WILD practically everywhere for that much?! I was miffed about that until I finished my shopping to head to my bus stop and lining the road were bushes and bushes of blackberries! I, having no boundaries whatsoever, had myself a little foraged, completely free snack while I waited for the bus.
Take that, Whole Paycheck.

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  1. LOL Blackberries do grow wild but it's hard to find them on public property. I actually paid $4 for a small container of organic blackberries at Kroger. I love them so much